wax cream

wax creamThe first cream for face prepared in 150 BC by the Greek physician Galen. This cream called cold cream. The name was so why give a cooling sensation to the face when wearing.

The classical remedy is what our grandmothers used to make at a time when there were not many drugs. Using more herbs and everything could get from nature. So this salves made with pure beeswax. The candle was zest harvest honey. After the bee worker was making honey and placed in the cell, came another worker bee whose job was to secrete (produce) the wax seal and honey.

The work of the beekeeper to get the honey was to remove this wax, which he called zest. Zest consider what clean and with more ingredients wax. Another component was extra virgin olive oil. o they manage to make one remedy which was miraculous. It was used for learning any skin (burns, wounds, rash, pimples, fungus, eczema and even psoriasis).

Today the most modern beekeeping has strengthened this remedy adding propolis, honey, ST.JOHNSWORT OIL and fragrance oil flowers.


Based on this remedy yearned and many other types remedy. So we have today remedy person. In this we have kept the key ingredients is the wax and oil and we added fresh pollen (for hydration) and milk. We also remedy for muscle aches and treat rheumatoid arthritis is to rub. In this also kept the key ingredients and add mint, sage, rosemary and cinnamon to relieve the pain.

Each component containing the remedy offers unique properties beneficial to humans.

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