propolisNatural product derived from bee. Bees produce propolis in order to seal and disinfect the hive (the house). Secretes how secreting wax. Also produce propolis at the entrance of the hive to protect it from the attacks of enemies, such as mice and other large butterflies. So it gets the name of propolis because bees make in the offing. Propolis is a resinous adhesive consisting of 55% resins and balsams, 30% wax, 10% aromatics and essential oils, 5% pollen and other organic substances.

Propolis has bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties. Used to treat wounds of the respiratory organs, oral cavity and other areas of the human body. Contain large quantities of flavones, flavonols which have anti-inflammatory activity in the joints, skin and mucous tissues. Antivaktiridiaki effect on gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Antiseptic, protect Vitamin C from oxidation, paratinoun action of adrenaline by inhibiting omethylo transferase. Inhibit the aggregation of erythrokytaron. Improves blood circulation in the capillaries.

The forms of propolis are two. The natural form as coming from the hive (in pieces). Take a pea-sized piece daily and dissolved licking without chewing. Then it soaks up all the useful ingredients. The other form is the alcoholic extract of propolis used for chronic pruritus, for the treatment of local redness, pharyngitis, fungal infections and for general problems otolaryngology. Helps troubleshoot rheumatoid arthritis and spinal ankylosis Propolis has positive effects in the treatment of vasomotor nerves that cause catarrh of respiratory cells (sniffle). Used to treat ulcers and prostate problems. Propolis extract is taken in doses of 15-20 drops in a teaspoon of coffee has a little sugar or honey or a spoonful with lukewarm water or milk one hour before eating.

Propolis is a miracle drug derived from the hive of bees. Scientific studies show that it offers antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antimykitiakes even antiviral properties. It is so powerful in action frequently called Russian penicillin. The immune system is supported and enhanced by swallowing. Modern scientific studies show that those who regularly spend propolis punctuated by kryologymata winter and a sore throat and it seems that they develop natural immunity to common viruses.

  • Inhibit microbial anaptixi and kills fungi and bacteria
  • Heals wounds, purulent wounds, burns and inflammations in the mouth, neck and throughout the body.
  • Cures colds, sore throat, chronic pharyngitis, gastroenteritis, colitis
  • The antioxidant effect in regenerating damaged cells
  • It has anticancer properties
  • Applied to gum helps fight periodontal diseases
  • Local helps antisepsis, regeneration and healing of the skin of acne and hair loss
  • Suitable for homeopathy
  • Provides the shine and luster of the skin
  • Improves koikloforia blood capillaries
  • Heals any skin disease, especially chronic itching and local redness
  • Helps treat rheumatoid arthritis, spinal ankylosis, ulcers, prostate, chronic otitis
  • Local anesthetic and painkiller
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