Honey with propolis and fresh pollen


3 teaspoons daily half an hour before eating

Taken as such or dissolved in lukewarm tea.
Shake well before each use.

Helps to treat and alleviate urogenital diseases, both in men (prostate, prostatitis) and women (gynecological).
Recommended in cases of colitis and gastritis.
Daily intake of propolis with pollen improves the condition of people with mild allergic manifestations and helps them to acquire immunity.
Effective in people with anemia, Parkinson’s, hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea and intestines.
Significantly reduces the problems of menopause and impotence.
The naturally balanced amounts of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids it contains, give the person the balance and harmony of natural abilities, raise morale and reduce nervousness.
It has amazing anti-migraine effects.
It affects water metabolism, thyroid fat deposition and general physical condition.
It protects the eyesight and is effective in mental work.

Read more about propolis here.
Read more about fresh pollen here.

* All our products belong to traditional beekeeping products.

Weight 150 g


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