Forest honey


It is a high quality honey brown color. It features a lightweight neutral aroma and mild sweetish taste.

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Honey bees make from nectar that our high altitude in dense forests of chestnut, beech, oak, large variety of flowers and the honeydew forest trees such as pine and spruce. This produces a quality honey brown color, light aroma and rich flavor, with a high mineral content. Due to the unparalleled richness of the flora of our country in Greek honey is the best honey worldwide.

The bees collect honeydew from pines, firs and other forest plants.

Because of its composition has a high mineral content and consequently a high nutritional value.

Sugars are simple, absorbed immediately, which is why honey is a quick source of energy for the body of athletes, children, pregnant women, sick and tired of each organization.

It has minerals known as minerals, which play an important role in metabolism and nutrition are components of bones and cells involved in many enzyme systems and, finally, regulate the acidity of the stomach.

Read more about honey and it’s beneficial properties here.

* All our products belong to traditional beekeeping products.
* Gross weight 1400 gr

Weight 1400 g


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