Flower honey

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Produced spring blooming of the Greek nature. It is a mixed honey and its properties differ depending on the nectar of the Greek plants that the bees bring to the hive.
* Gross weight 1400 gr

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Flower honey produced from the nectar of flowers. When special features is the name of the plant from which it comes. So, we have Thyme, Orange, Sunflower, Heather, Chestnut, Cotton, Polycombou honey etc.

Colour: Usually pale.
Perfume: can not be precisely predicted, usually neutral.
Taste: It can not be accurately predicted, usually sweet.
Crystallization: Although it is difficult to predict, usually 4-6 months after collection.


Truffles from oats, honey and nuts

Porridge 200g
Honey 40g
0% fat milk 100g
Raisins 40g
40g walnuts
Grated cinnamon 2g
Cloves grated 2g
Boil in a saucepan with the milk porridge half honey and cloves.
Just boil and thickens remove from heat and place in a bowl that place immediately psygeio.Meta half an hour is ready so we can the creature into small balls that will sprinkle with the rest of our ingredients. (Cloves , raisins, nuts and a little honey yet). Placing them on a platter and garnished the ready to serve.

Read more about honey and it’s beneficial properties here.

* All our products belong to traditional beekeeping products.

Weight 1400 g



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