Natural beeswax

Bee waxThe wax produced by the four pairs kirogonon glands of young worker, age 23 weeks, and used for the manufacture of honeycomb, after fermentation with secretion of the salivary glands. The wax is used to cover the mature honey contains antibiotic substances for preservation. To produce 1 Kg wax from bees must be consumed 8,5 Kg honey.

The wax is produced in the form of scales and initially is white. The yellow color is due to the honeycomb carotenoids containing pollen. With long-term use of honeycomb, these tan due to the accumulation of undress imperfect stages of bees. Consists of hydrocarbons and esters of fatty acids and is a very stable material. Does not require any special care during storage, not only come into contact with a flame, but pesticidal substances, which adsorbs.

The candle is the second most important beekeeping product economically. The beekeeper can exploit old and broken combs to pull an extra income. The process of receipt of wax is relatively simple and involves the melting, filtering and bleaching it. Bleaching is probably necessary because usually the old foundations have dark color.

The wax of bees used by industries for the production of cosmetics, candles and leaf comb. Natural beeswax contain many face and hand creams, ointments, lotions, toothpaste, chewing gum, sunscreen, shaving creams and waxing. Also, varnish floors, furniture and car painting in paint and many other everyday products. Medical uses of wax on the limitation of caries and gum disease, the therapeutic effect against tonsillopharyngitis and improved pharmaceutical preparations after coating.

The wax is a fatty substance secreted by kirogonoi glands of young worker. The pieces of wax out between the fingers of the abdomen. Apart from the fatty substances, bee wax contains tempered organic acids and alcohols containing a large number of carbon atoms. The bees wax melts at around 63 degrees. The wax we use to manufacture the remedy is the waxes obtained from scrap vintage. Is the most pure and most ingredients wax. It wax which produces purely the bee and is very three months wax. All other candles are crafted and chreisimopoieimena least three years so that it loses some of its quality and its beneficial components.

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