Fresh pollen

Fresh pollenPollen grains are sealed in bags of stamens (anthers). Transported in flowers either by wind (light pollen) or insects (heavy rounds bees help pollination of 50 to 60% of plant species. Having get the pollen from the flower of the process and give us the product of pollen ready for consumption .

Pollen is the richest foods in protein, vitamins, essential amino acids, hormones, enzymes and other useful ingredients for our food. Pollen is rich in kistini, an amino acid that positively affects hair growth and hair color. The pollen is high in rutin, known as vitamin R which increases the resistance of capillaries, thereby protecting the body from cerebral haemorrhages. Pollen provides hydration to the skin, so use and remedy person.

Pollen grains are sealed in bags of stamens (anthers). Transported in flowers either by wind (light pollen) or insects (heavy rounds bees help pollination of 50 to 60% of plant species. Having get the pollen from the flower of the process and give us the product of pollen ready for consumption .

Pollen is the richest foods in protein, vitamins, essential amino acids, hormones, enzymes and other useful ingredients for our food. Parallel technical techniques in media and diagnostics with distinctions and expansive analyzes did not come to the fore for the material materials of the screen.
The lack of pollen from the hive results in the bees wanting long stays in the hive for rest, reducing the size of the bees, because in a desperate attempt to maintain the hive, they pull proteins from their own body and feed the larvae to the hives. before sealing them, they stop secreting royal jelly to feed the queen, not feeding the queen has the final result of significantly reducing the birth, until sometimes it stops completely for some time. If the queen does not give birth, the bees replace her, unjustly of course because we did not inspect and did not do what we had to do properly, put pollen substitutes to replenish and keep our bee growing smoothly and quickly.

The collection of pollen
The collection starts from early spring in some areas and reaches and July. From mid-April, the whole of May and June to give us quantities of pollen per cell that reach 200-250 grams per day of course when the hives are in full development. Julius also can give good pollen if near the apiary are gyreodotika plants.

The storage of pollen

The storage should be concerned about those who do gyreosyllogi trouble because it’s a shame so many days or months to our moldy or sour us, by mistake or lack of knowledge. Proper storage reserves pollen fresh for human consumption because of the ingredients and of course remain unaltered. Also be aware that with good packaging and good storage pollen loses after the first year of storing half of the therapeutic properties and after 2 years has no substance useful for the human body nor for the colonies so much nutritional protein value. After drying the pack in jars, plastic containers large or small depending on the quantity and we reserve the pollen at from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. You can store the pollen in freezers during collection and processing and after packaging. The high biological activity provides the pollen when it is fresh.

The chemical analysis of pollen

Proteins: arriving at 40%,
Aminoxea: valine, tryptophan, lysine, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, threnini, histidine, arginine, gloutameniko acid, aspartic acid, etc.
Vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, C, E, A, P or R pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, etc.
Enzymes: Amylase, invertase, catalase, phosphatase, etc.
Metals and minerals: potassium, barium, chlorine, iron, copper, phosphorus, vanadium, tungsten, iridium, cadmium etc.
Biologically active ingredients Flavonoids, nucleic and ribonucleic acids lefkoantokyanes, chlorogones, triterpene acid, antibiotics, etc.
Sugar: carbohydrate nectar in percentage (30-40%)
The key is that these substances are in an ideal ratio in each pollen.

Pollen and nutrition
Pollen controls our body weight. Our body processes all of the nutrients from the foods we eat and handled in accordance with the type and quantity consumed. The calories we consume depending on the nutrients associated with the metabolism rate, we generally will determine if we put fat, if we stay in our own weight or lose weight. The pollen can help our body to become more efficient in processing certain nutrients and certain food groups. Making certain nutrient combinations, we can create an environment where our body will become more efficient in carbohydrates, fats and sugars. You can avoid under some circumstances produce excessive fat in our body.
Pollen contains over 5,000 enzymes, is certainly much more than they are in any other food. These enzymes are therefore necessary in our body for the operation of the digester. The enzymes present in pollen considered important to create a chemical balance in our metabolism, this balance may be a key factor in the ability of pollen to help us stabilize our body weight.
It is advised when taking pollen as a dietary supplement to consume an hour before meals if we want to lose weight. When the body is normal and there is no desire weight loss can consume it during lunch or after lunch. Pollen helps the digestion of other food after burning calories and other foods into energy transforming them.
Pollen collected from a device that puts the beekeeper front of the entrance of the hive, which has a surface full of holes, forced the gyreosyllektria-bee to pass through these holes that barely fit the so jostled small lumps pollen are stuck at the feet of bees and fall. Below that there is a slotted plate drawer collects all pollen pellets fall. It is picked by the beekeeper every other day and after being cleaned by the lentil method, it is dried in a sunless place and placed in freezers until it is given for consumption. This is the raw pollen and can be kept up to 2 years without waning important part of the useful ingredients. There is a food and medicine should be treated. It is not medicine it is food and so it must be treated. There are clear instructions for dosage, many people are the ones who take more than 1000 mg daily. The pollen is a nutrient that produces great energy in the human body but also provides a vast array of benefits to our health. Exquisite So we called the food of the Gods and wanting to give it the honor it deserves but also the highlight, useful nutrients contains to support life.

Pollen: The bread of bees.
Has been reported as the bread of bees, like the food of the 12 Olympian gods, pollen collected by bees is indeed a super nutritious product and is used worldwide as an excellent dietary supplement, giving power to the person who consuming it. The pollen of the male flowers are seed, semen of flowers, which is generated inside the flower plants, the anthers. Bees during the process of collecting or nectar or pollen collected when directly and indirectly when the pollen from flowers.
Directly when making the collection uses her feet, having for this purpose special accessories such as small brushes and storage baskets of pollen for the safe transport of the cell. When collecting brush the pollen from the body with the special brush that has the middle legs and collects on its hind legs, placing it in special places like baskets. The pollen rains with saliva and nectar of flowers, evaporating the water remaining nectar sugars having some adhesive property together with the saliva and thus during return to the cell does not lose the load as would be the case if he tried to carry the pollen dry as picking.
Because of vegetable pollen collected by bees, the actual composition varies depending on the season and the flowers. Regardless of the season, pollen is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, contains vitamin C, A and E along with carotenoids and folic acid. The bee pollen also contains collagen and lecithin. Lecithin is associated with the dissolution of fats in the body and is an effective ingredient that can help weight loss in control of our body weight.
Pollen contains all the essential components of life. Tests origin of pollen collected by bees showed that bees collect only pollen is rich in amino acids, less nutritious pollen not prefer. Approximately 20% of the pollen consists of amino acids, proteins and is also very rich in Rutin. Pollen is a rich source of minerals including magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, etc. Extensive testing and too many experiments showed that life can rely on an exclusive diet of pollen and water.
The list of potential benefits to human health is too large, below are listed some indication as energy, power, well-being, weight control, desensitize allergies, relieves mental and relaxes, energizes dysfunction impotence, infertility, asthma, chronic fatigue , greatly helps against prostate diseases, aging, menopause, strengthens the immune system and longevity even as a dietary supplement can help us in many ways.
The bee pollen is taken by many people to supplement nutrients that are deficient in their diet, nutrients that are important not only for energy but also the possibility that remove toxins and harmful free radicals from the body us responsible for major diseases.
Studies in patients showed that bee pollen is effective to combat hay fever allergy and other allergies. It also helps against obesity. It also helps against obesity.

Pollen prostate of men
Many athletes around the world attribute their success largely to the frequent reception of pollen as an effective dietary supplement to obtain energy and strength. The world champion heavyweight boxing Cassius Clay Mohammed Ali or attributes his success largely to consumption and use of bee pollen during preparation before matches.
Pollen contains a gonodotropo hormone similar to the gonodotropini pituitary hormone which acts as a tonic genetic leaf glands of man. Helps combat infertility and impotence, especially when combined with honey and royal jelly.
Clinical research has shown that taking pollen reduces painful symptoms associated with prostate disease in men. Controlled pollen consumption among people with prostate problems, their leads to significant improvements and relief of symptoms. Specifically less nocturnal diuresis, improvement in bladder emptying, and reduced suffering the pains of the prostate. Taking the pollen has resulted relaxes smooth muscle prostate, making it easier to empty the bladder. Can also act as anti-inflammatory and reduce the swelling of the prostate, resulting in a better flow of urine and a reduced discomfort. 80% of those people who have this problem and use pollen have found relief and no hassle nor difficulty nor the night getting up most often.
Investigations on the object are continuing and are confident scientists and researchers that soon the pollen will solve the problem. A Swedish study has also concluded that pollen can significantly reduce the swelling of the prostate gland and this achieved with the following experiment. On 09-June 2000 conducted an experiment on 93 people PATIENT from prostate. At 43 random individuals were given a placebo and the remaining 50 were given pollen. Those who received pollen they found relief and successfully treated the problem, while the others did not see none of them improve. Many experts believe that natural hormones contained in the pollen, along with a wide range of nutrients such as magnesium, fatty acids and zinc, help and strengthen the male reproductive and urinary system.

Obtained as follows:
A spoonful of fresh pollen after eating (people who get first pollen if they experience discomfort immediately stop taking). Download time a week.
A spoonful fresh pollen during their food. Download time a week.
Then swap the receipt of pollen for the same amount before eating. Download time, forever, if we want.
Generally considered that people after the age of 30-35 years could benefit from this opportunity to help and prevent the authority to create prostate consuming pollen.

The pollen increases longevity
No other natural product on earth can rival the pollen level in nutritional value. It is rich in natural ingredients and regulates the metabolism of the human body but gives energy and wellbeing. It has been used by humans for good health offered for centuries in physical form as just gathered by bees. The main known beneficial properties of pollen according to science is:
-Regulates the nervous and endocrine activity systems of the human body.
-Strengthens blood vessels and reduces blood cholesterol.
-It has a protective effect on the level of the digestive tract.
-Strengthens the immune system.
-Removes tiredness from the body and enhances mental clarity and physical activity.
-Fights diseases such as multiple sclerosis.
-Pollen-enhances digestion and improves appetite of people.
-Adjusts the sexual activity of the male.
-Increases the longevity, but it is also good to know how the pollen is from dyskolochonefta food and this is because the human body is lacking those enzymes needed to digest the outer shell of pollen.
For this reason, recently, techniques have been developed to break the grain of pollen, and to make beneficial and useful in the body components of pollen more digestible. The new unique active extraction technology pollen from the housing represents a significant progress to render the full benefits of pollen available in the human body. The degree of decomposition of the shells of pollen with ultrasound is about 95% that makes it highly accessible for consumption.
-Extension of product life of pollen.
-Maintenance of useful properties.
-Also advantage is the extra sterilization, destruction of potential flora internally and increase the storage limit.
-Allergic-constitutive remove pollen from the absence of the external casing of which certainly contain the most active allergens and removed during the procedure. Therefore the allergenic activity of pollen is minimized, while the other valuable components of reserved.
So we have pollen with the following properties.
-Maintenance of all useful properties.
-Low-allergenic activity.
-High concentration of valuable food section.
-High digestibility.
-High-level products in pollen sterility.

Here, however, we must stress something extremely important. Pollen contains rutin (glycoside are) that helps:
1.- To strengthen capillaries,
2.- In cases of bleeding helps in blood clotting
3.- Lowers their heart rates
4.- Corrects capillary fragility rates and protects babies from meningeal hemorrhages.
There was no toxicity in clinical investigations.

Finally, two French researchers have isolated and two useful components:
1.- An antibiotic
2.- A growth factor.
About the growth factor, it should be said that, as stated by French researchers in pollen gathered themselves this factor was present in fraction compared to that present in the pollen that bees collect. Why? Because here too bee makes us wonder. That is, the bee adds drops of glands and the crop, as the adhesive pollen and voila! huge difference. Without the bee useless, the Bee precious!.

Have health problems? Let’s see what it can do for you pollen!

It helps to: Colds & Flu

Because of antibiotics and vitamins containing Hay fever, asthma, allergies

Empowering athletes Only the proteins and amino acids containing the pollen, not to say for all others, it is clear why helps athletes

Prostate Simply helps but we are not exaggerated. Follow the treatment by your doctor.

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